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Whether your dream piano is a Steinway,
Bosendorfer, Yamaha, Kawai, Mason & Hamlin etc.

Our mission is to find
a superb musical instrument
in a beautiful case,
at a discount price.
We can also help you sell your fine piano to a private buyer.


1935 Steinway Model L
for Sale

If you love Steinways, Bosendorfers, Yamahas, Kawais, or Mason & Hamlins, here's something you should know:

Fine pianos are almost as unique as people.

Piano shopping is not like buying a TV or digital camera--one can't just search for the very lowest price of a certain make or model.

A marvelous piano is a handmade investment which will provide pleasure to you and your family for many years.

Choose your piano with the help of an expert, Dr. Brockman, who holds a doctorate in music from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a lifetime of piano experience.


The photos on this site show just a few of the marvelous pianos we have found or sold for PianoSearch clients.

Our climate does not subject instruments to the extremes of humidity and dryness found elsewhere.

Pianos age well in the Los Angeles area.

PianoSearch is not a store.
Our mission is to find the best piano for your budget.


The ca. 12,000 parts in a piano result in instruments which vary tremendously--even mass produced pianos will vary in sound quality. Much depends on how a piano has been maintained and where it has spent its life.

Rebuilding a piano requires old-country craftsmanship and patience rarely found today. Yet this workmanship determines the response and pleasure a rebuilt piano will deliver. It is also crucial to investment value.

Beyond a certain level of basic knowledge (see article: "How to Buy a Piano"), most people simply do not have the time or experience to become an expert on pianos.

The piano is the most complex non-electronic machine
in existence
which is still made largely by hand.



Whether you are looking for a vintage Steinway or a Yamaha upright...

Steinway Model M, 5 ft. 7 in.

This is our mission:
to find the best piano for your budget, the type of music you like to play, and where you will place it in your home.
The finder's fee is paid by the seller.


Bosendorfer 225, 7 ft. 4 in.


Through word-of-mouth connections with private sellers, and an extensive database of piano technicians, rebuilders, wholesalers and importers, extraordinary pianos can be located at enormously discounted prices without the overhead costs of a store.

Horowitz called his piano "my old friend".
You'll feel that way about your piano too.

1925 Steinway Louis XV Model M

Vladimir Horowitz owned Steinway Ds.

By having a consumer advocate, you will be sure to avoid a very costly mistake. And Dr. Brockman will teach you how to aim your ears at the many pleasures a fine piano will provide.

The best reason to take advantage of this service is knowing that you have purchased a fine instrument, and a beautiful piece of furniture at a discount price.

Besides providing many years of musical pleasure, fine pianos have historically proven to be a wise investment, retaining value and often appreciating over the years.


If you have a fine piano which you would like to sell, please phone or write--it may be exactly what a client has requested.

In every case, clients saved 30-50% off the cost of buying retail.

Steinway Model O, 5 ft. 10 in.

Sellers can be sure of getting a fair price, and know that their piano is going to a good home.

Dr. Brockman is a member of the Music Teachers Association of California, West Los Angeles branch, and former member of their Board of Directors.

Feel free to call (310-876-1188) or email for more information.

Yamaha C-7, 7 ft. 6 in.

How to Buy a Piano: A Basic Guide (article)


Tel: 310-876-1188


Steinway Model B, 6 ft. 10.5 in.

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